Romantic things to do in Amsterdam Amsterdam is a romantic city and offers the perfect romantic scenery when roaming along the canals with your loved one. The city just has this welcoming, warm and magical athmosphere that every couple will feel. It’s safe to say that the magical quality of Amsterdam at night will put Read more ..

Have you ever been to Amsterdam during winter time? I had the best moments of my life, on my last visit to this gorgeous city in the winter of last year. It was like, an alien part of the city was unvailed in it’s splendor. The snow and ice completely transformed Amsterdam into an unimaginable Read more ..

Art and Architecture in Amsterdam There are few cities in the world with such elegance and beauty as Amsterdam and this is because of the abundance of classic architectural designs adorning every building and structure in the city. On my last trip to the Venice of the North, I just couldn’t help but wonder and Read more ..

Strange Places Amsterdam Amsterdam is the perfect holiday destination for many tourists worldwide and this is simply because of the uniqueness or strangeness of the city. The Venice of the North has unimaginable beauty, which can seem really strange even to a sound mind. With water everywhere as if the city was designed by Poseidon Read more ..

Bicycle Lifestyle in the Netherlands One of the reasons why I decided to live in the Netherlands is I can live without a car. I can do everything by bike and also go anywhere with my bike. Cycling in Netherlands is very popular, with more bikes than inhabitants. In addition to recreational cycling, the Dutch Read more ..

A wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the date a wedding took place. Traditional names exist for some of them: for instance, 1st is called paper, 5th is called Wooden, 10th is called Tin, 15th is called Crystal, 20th is called China, 25th is called Silver, 30th is called Pearl, 40th is called Ruby, 50th Read more ..

Ever thought of renting a houseboat in Amsterdam? Not even the splendor and euphoria of living in a five star hotel can be compared to the tranquility, adventure and beauty of a houseboat living lifestyle. I’m living the houseboat dream and lifestyle choice. You too can choose to live and enjoy life on houseboats too. Read more ..

Honeymoon In Amsterdam   The next thing on the list after a heart-warming wedding always makes the difference between, a happily ever after and a moody ever after! I never had an idea about how to prepare for the perfect Honeymoon, because the thought of my wedding took all the attention. But, my better half Read more ..